I cannot activate my account

So I have Hitfilm 4 Express 2017 for about a year now, activated and all, works like a dream. Now I downloaded the updated version "Hitfilm 4 Express" I opend it and it told me it was in demo mode and needed a code. I logged into my account on the website and there was the code for the "hitfilm 4 express 2017" and the one for "Hitfilm 4 Express" so I copied the code of the hitfilm Express one and it hat an error saying "Your serial is only valid for Hitfilm 4 Express" (Which is exactly what it was!!!!!) so basically I can't activate Hitfilm 4 Express because my code is for Hitfilm 4 Express...... Please help me out?


  • NormanPCN
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     Hitfilm 4 Express is different from Hitfilm Express 2017 which is different from the current Hitfilm Express. Hitfilm Express 2017 is really version "5". The current Hitfilm Express is version 8.

    There is no Hitfilm 4 Express 2017 and you account is not going to show anything  for that. Your account may show Hitfilm 4 Express or Hitfilm Express 2017, or both if you activated both. For example, this screen shot shows Hitfilm 4 Express, Express 2017 and the current Express.

    So your activation of Express 4, if that is what you have, only works for that version. If it is for 2017 then it only works for that version. To add the current Hitfilm Express to your account you need to go through the normal, *full*, download process. The process is shown in video here.




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