Error on Startup: "FXhome qt server has stopped working"

When I start up Hitfilm Express [win7pro-64bit] I get the error: "FXhome qt server has stopped working"
When I click through that, I get a second one: Error 43 - also a QT error.
I don't use QT or have it on my system.

Do I have to install Quicktime? Because I'd rather not...


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,341 Ambassador

    QT in this context isn't QuickTime. It's an application framework used for software development.

    Which version of HitFilm Express are you running, and what are your full system specs? You listed the OS info (and IIRC Windows 7 is no longer officially supported with the latest versions of HitFilm, so that may be part of the problem), but CPU, GPU, hard drive, and RAM details would also help.

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