Hitfilm Proxy editing (kinda)

Cyreda Posts: 17
edited January 2014 in General
So i just figured this idea and i will try it out but i need to ask people before it...
Everyone knows now that AVCHD is awful to edit in hitfilm 2.
So i filmed a short scene as a test for hitfilm, and i have many clips with 24mbps AVCHD in them.
Then i would make a folder for proxy files that i would convert them into. Every file would be the same resolution mpeg2 3mbps video or something like that. Easy and fluid to edit.
Now when the video is ready in hitfilm and i would like to export it, i would just shut hitfilm down and then move all the proxy files somewhere else, and in hitfilm again just link all the missing files to all the raw AVCHD files. Then the edit would be ready for high quality render with fluid editing.

What do you guys think is this possible?