Animated hightlighted text

I having a little problem with trying to animate a highlight on a text. I use a plane layer and a text layer. The plane layer have a color gradient effect. And using a set matte effect with the text layer as its source. This so that the text is shown in a gradient color. I then have duplicated the plane layer, and the duplication got a glow and neon glow effect and some blur and such. I also applied a matte on the duplication layer, which will be animated so the hightlight will move across the text.
Only problem is that the normal text is not showned correctly, its much darker that what it should be. Im not sure it its the blend mode i've done wrong or what?
Have I gone about this wrongly?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    The problem, as I understand it, is that the text outside the highlighted area is too dark? What blend mode does each Plane use? Make sure the top plane (looks like plane 1 in your setup) is set to Add or Screen, and the lower plane (your Plane 2) is set to Normal. The blend modes are found in the Layer Properties, in case you didn't already know.
  • guitar74
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    Has anyone seen the TV Show Fringe?? I was wondering, can you make that text they always show when they are in a certain state?? The Text is always hanging on a building or floating above a car....
  • Majahr
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    Yep, you can do that quite easy except, that HitFilm currently can't extrude text, so only can use a simple 2D-Textlayer:
    1) Create the footage where the text should be placed in
    2) Use a 3D camera tracking tool like Vodoo, Bonjour or PFhoe
    3) Export the tracking data using the Maya-Exportformat (*.ma)
    4) Use the 3D tracking data importer from HitFilm
    5) Make sure, the option settings of HitFilm (max 3d points) fits your needs
    6) Import the footahe from (1)
    Now, you'll see the imported tracking points as single 3D points, where you can attach you text layer. If the text should covered by other objects in the front, you'll need to duplicate your footage and play with the masks.