Santa vs zombies!

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Hello all! Very long time since I last posted to this forum, mainly due to a family tragedy and related commitments, but I hope to get back into film making a lot more. I recently made a Christmas film, for Christmas- funnily enough- it's just a daft film really, meant as a bit of fun over the festive period. We had a lot of fun making it and it was great practice for future shoots- working on multiple locations, bad conditions and neighbours that come and out and accuse you of being a crack addict despite one of us being dressed as Santa.
Scene 2, outside the house was quite an experience shall we say, apart from the aforementioned lady, there was also torrential rain and howling wind between shots- not the best time to record audio but I've done as well as I could with it. If I had the time i'd definitely ADR it.
 All the vfx were done by Dave harris, of Strike'em studios who is a member of this community and I, i'll hope you agree, look fantastic, he's done an incredible job in such a short timeframe and really enhanced the film and the humour in it.
 For those that are interested in such things the budget was £100, a brief breakdown of where it went:
£40- fabric and faux sur for Santas's costume and wigs.
£20 - props such as the pvc 'lead' pipe and the gatling gun, which is based around a budget cordless drill.
£15- for two remote control cars which I built a sleigh around - the miniature was just made of scraps and polyfilla.
The rest on pringles and custard creams.
I'm very proud of how it turned out- I set myself a timeframe of making a short from start to finish in under a month and we achieved it- casting and writing the script in week one- a very hectic week 2 and 3 making the props and costumes and filming over 3 nights in week 4. Normally it could take weeks for me to make props so i'm really happy- anyway enough jabbering on:


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