Found Footage, but good.

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I'm going to use this thread for my found footage film I'm working on. I am watching a bunch of them, and really taking my time with plot and dialogue.. so there is no release date.
This film is based around the discovery island legend. ""
It's good idea, and based around something that's factual would make it even scarier. I'm also working on some scares that have not been done before yet, but that's something I'd like to be a community effort.
If you contribute an idea, you'll be put in the credits.
"James and his buddies decide to investigate the abandoned theme park by disney. Their are part of "urban exploration team." Disney has locked this place away, and for good reason."
Anyone care to contribute anything?


  • Masqutti
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    First of all, thanks you for introducing me to that site!!! I've been looking for something like that! :) Nothing better than a little nightreading before the bed! >:D
    Interesting project, I'm want to see if this can be completed! :)
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