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Hello All, and thanks in advance to those that can help. For everybody else, have a great day!!

Here is what I need: I want to use Phil Collin's 'I Don't Care Anymore' as my main anthem for the home page. I know I need a license; I don't know which one, where to buy, how much, and so on.

Where can I buy the rights to this particular song?

Can anyone help?





  • Marshall2000_uk
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    I would think that  would cost a huge amount of money. I'd pick something else if I was you. Preferebly not something from a well known artist. When you say home page are we talking a website? Not YouTube?

    Reason I ask is that Artlist have songs by artists and some of them are great, you can subscribe and download as many as you want. Could also try Audio Network and Epidemic Sound (think this is more Youtube based though).

  • CleverTagline
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    Licensing issues aside, auto-playing any audio on a web site is strongly discouraged, and has been for quite a while, long before this article from 2012 was written listing the key reasons (though frankly #4 probably isn't much of a concern any more).

  • Itsallanact
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     Marshall and JS:


    Marshall, I will check out those sites.


  • treyedr
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    you can buy it from producer? 

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