another puppet tool test.... getting better.

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Thanks for your advice.
A friend took a pic of a gargoyle in Spain,,, and jokingly dared me to 'do something with it' and make it breathe fire.

So  thats what I **** well did...... I am loving the puppet tool more and more. The trick seems to be subtlety if you want a degree of realism.. and also to keep everything moving infinitessimally to give 'life'.


  • Triem23
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    That looks pretty sweet. I like the camera move, too.

    Minor notes: what interpolation are your camera keyframes? I think those should be changed to "Smooth."

    A little cast light on the gargoyle's face would really sell this. Stick a grade layer over the top and just stick a rough, feathered mask over the parts of the face that would catch light. There are a lot of effects that can brighten and tint. Try adding a little Exposure to brighten, a little Tint for a fire orange (use the eyedropper and sample the actual fire!), and a Fkicker. You'll have to play with the settings a bit, but it only takes a few minutes. Like the Puppet animation, subtle is best. 

  • CleverTagline
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    +1 to the suggestion to smooth out the camera keyframes.  Do the same for your Puppet point keyframes and it'll feel even better.

  • Marshall2000_uk
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     Nice work, look forward to seeing what else you do.

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