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Was up  overnight testing a 'howlaround' effect done live in camera. I saw a documentary with Bernard Lodge, the WHO title designer in the 60s and 70s. He said he couldnt get it to work on anything other than the old 704line camera used by the BBC at the time. I Graded in HitFilm. As a Who fan since it began, only dedicted Whovians will understand how knee-tremblingly excited i was when i saw what came out of the camera. I felt as if i was a fortunate 10 year old!


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    Very nice. Howlaround is easy to achieve (just feed a camera to a monitor and shoot the monitor), but it's a lot harder to actually get useful and interesting patterns, and not just squares.

    You got some nice patterns. 

    You've got me wondering if Lodge used a 704 line camera but fed it to a monitor of different resolution... 

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    LOL I read this and was trying to relate it to album covers/films by Daltrey, Townsend, Entwistle and Moon. Not once I hit "play" of course...

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