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In the current climate of heightened security, how does FXHome ensure the software does not include vulnerbilites to the downloading computer. Any general information would be appreciated.  Thanks for reading.



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    I am not employed by FXHome or Hitfilm, my comments are based on my experience and expectations. Firstly the fact that they use there own hosting service (amazon cloud I believe) provides me assurance that the installer is from source and has not been re-packaged by a third party which may have introduced a nasty. As for Hitfilm Developers I imaging they have some sort of secure development practices. Only they will be able to say.

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    Thanks for getting in touch, that's a great question.

    During software development, our team only uses third party tools and libraries from reputable sources, which have been carefully reviewed and tested here as well. We also keep up to date with security updates and notifications from third party libraries and vendors.

    Our office is physically secure, and we have rigorous procedures for information security. All of this is mandated by existing laws in the UK, including the Data Protection Act 2018 (which is the UK's implementation of the wider GDPR).

    Once created, our software and installers are digitally signed, and have various built-in protections to prevent tampering. This is done according to guidance from Microsoft and Apple, and allows us to deliver "verified" installers to you.

    Our installers are hosted securely by Amazon Web Services, with industry standard protection and encryption. You can read more about their security here: We also use a Content Delivery Network (UCDN) to speed up downloads of installers. Again the installer itself is stored securely and encrypted, and is only ever sourced from our server at Amazon. UCDN are subject to a contract with us to keep things secure and have data protection law obligations themselves.

    I hope that helps, let us know if you have any further questions.

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