UK Special Effects (+VFX) never better?

Andy001z Posts: 3,152 Ambassador

So the other morning, my cereal spoon was left halfway between bowl and mouth when the BBC Radio 4 started talking about my favourite subject Special Effects, and more over how the UK had a strong place in delivering the worlds VFX film requirements. The subject of the story was of course Brexit, and would it impact the overseas talent that helps meet this area of expertise needs. I lost interest in this part but it did make me wonder what the state of play for Visual Effects artists in the UK was it oversubscribed or a shortfall. Was this the time to go professional (please hold your laughter) or maybe change subject as there are too many chefs. Was a company like FXHome helping this drive (I’m sure they play some part). I went looking for jobs and while there is a tone of VFX Artist roles in game development not so many in film (Maybe its call something else – Special Effects artist return similar results).

@Josh care to comment?