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I am writing this today to give some feedback and opinion on software which is non-specific.

I have quit a few pieces of Video and graphic software thou some is a bit older.
I have Hitfilm Express free and tried it a couple times and thought it was ok.
But that said I have a strange view on Hitfilm.

I compare some of my older software and Hitfilm and I find it hard to take a leap and go pro.
There are many reasons and some I will list.

1)     Cost is a big one for me as I have not worked in years because of health, so cash is real tight.
2)     Next for me is easy of use but that could be an issue because I am use to other programs.
3)     This one is also cost compared to other programs. (I will explain more a bit later.)
4)     Next for me is License usage based on allowed installs. (I will explain more a bit later.)
5)     Last one is visibility or name standing. (I will explain more a bit later.)

Now I will break down my above list into more detail.

1a)   Low funds which get spent on medical so limits extra perks.
2a)   Same as 2 above.
3a)   I can buy other software and get more for less. For example: Corel, Cyberlink, Serif, Magix and many more all have video editing software. For same cost as Hitfilm I could buy (if i could afford) 2 or 3 programs if not more for same cost. Some of the competitors have free libraries where there are tons of extras that could be downloaded to use with purchased software. Also some competitors you also get 1 year or more of free online storage of files. And some competitors you can get other paid versions of software that can also be used in program or standalone.
4a)   License usage, What I mean by that is how many computers can software be installed on at same time.
          My brother has a cottage and I have an older system there. No internet and limited space so I tinker on projects there when I can. I am not saying to allow program to run at same time on different computers, but the ability to install program on two computers with same license but only use on one computer at a time would be nice to see. Even more so since the cost is double or more of many other Competitors products.
5a)   This one is not related to me which is visibility. I talk to some friends who also make videos for their family and many have never heard of Hitfilm. Even when people google search Hitfilm is almost never shown in the top 20 or 30 pages if at all. You have to know a name to search for it and if people don't see it then they wont try and then buy it. With all the fake or cracked software on the web people are cautious and when they dont hear or see something main stream it makes them hold off.

I am not posting this to make people go or buy other software as Hitfilm is good and if you can afford it loaded with features galore. If I could I would buy Hitfilm Pro tomorrow but when I need/want software it can take me a long time to save up for it and as I said above thats a big one. 

Let me ask FXhome this question (no its not to ask for software free), You want to make money and sell Hitfilm and I get that. But what i dont get is the price for the following reason. How many licenses do you sell each day for pro version of Hitfilm? (dont answer that question)
Now i am sure cost holds people back like me, so which would you as a company make more sense? To sell to people with the large funds needed. Or to lower cost and sell more at a lower price?

For the way i see the above question I would sell for lower cost and get the name out faster which in turn draws more people in to buy it. Adobe did subscriptions which i hate, but in doing so increased business as people who could not afford $1000.00's of dollars to buy, many can afford $100.00 or less depending on needs.

I want your Pro version and in a year or so I will have enough money saved. It will take that long because even if I save I still have to convert to different currency which slams the cost way way up. If I was still working I would have cash to buy it like I did with other companies software but i am unable to work and disability pays next to nothing.


Anyways thanks for your time and for making a free version that i could try.
I really think Hitfilm is special thou hard to compare with others with some features locked in Hitfilm.
Thanks for your time.



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    I don't have a lot of time right now so I'm only going to comment on the Pro license. Express only allows one activation at a time but a Pro license allows HitFilm to be installed and used on up to 3 systems at a time. As long as you have internet access, installations can be deactivated and activated at will. Need 4 installations? You can do that but when it comes time to activate the fourth installation, you need to deactivate one of the existing three first. Later you can deactivate the fourth and reactivate the third. If you click the menu button in the upper right corner and select Account you'll see a list of your software and current installations and activations.

  • Vashta
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     Hello Aladdin4d,

    Thanks for letting me know some of the stuff i posted.

    For me only 3 computers are used 2 online 1 offline.
    As for activation's I did not know so i missed it while reading .

    As for the rest I said in my first post I am not slamming HitFilm.
    I will continue to play with HitFilm express just to make sure i am giving it a fair shake.
    The program is clean and crisp and from my playing does not have any major bugs which is a great plus.

    Anyways thanks again for the response.