More than the 8 bits of Footage cannot be imported?

As the tilte says, I'm can't reading of imported 10bit Footage. I've tried a lot of footage and I found that more than 8 bit of footage cannot be read. Is this normal?

I‘m use HitFilmExpress and HitFilmPro demo version.


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    Hitfilm can import 10/12-bit media. It depends on the media, project setting, and application option.

    You never mentioned anything about the media you are trying to import. Details here are kinda important don't you think? A MediaInfo text report would be helpful.

    • Express is limited to 8-bit operation. So it really does not matter what the media is.
    • Pro can have timelines with 16 or 32-bit float color. Obviously you have to switch to something other than 8-bit in your project settings, the default, if attempting to import high bit media.
    • Pro has an option that can limit media debude to 8-bit. Options.Render tab. If enabled, decode is limited to 8-bit regardless of Project color bit depth option. The documentation is a bit wrong on this. The option has been renamed and the state has been reversed, but that is obvious from the wording.

    Finally, again, what media?

    Hitfilm can import > 8-bit in

    • Cineform
    • probably Prores but I've not specifically tested it
    • OpenEXR.

    Anything AVC does not support high bit.

    Anything that goes through Quicktime on Windows does not support high bit. For example, DNxHD/HR. This is a Quicktime issue and not application.

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    @NormanPCN Hitfilm Pro also reads .HDR in 32-bit. Presumably a time-lapse creator would love that. 

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    My footage was taken from LUMIX GH5.

    Video Basic Information:
    Format: MPEG-4
    Format profile: QuickTime
    Color space : YUV
    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:2
    Bit depth : 10 bits

    I found the Render option of you said, but Hitfilm Pro demo version cannot change 16bit/32bit. Is that so? I will fix this problem with buy Hitfilm Pro?

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    Ahh, maybe they should add that to the manual. I could fill a book (err, manual ) with things that should be added to the manual.

    I do wonder if Hitfilm has the necessary tools to tone map a real/true high dynamic range file to something usable. This is why HDR software exists. Of course, same can be said for EXR. 16-bit float has a 30 stop range.

    I have read references in video related conversations where 10+ bits video is being called HDR. That is a misuse of the term like FxHome calling their proxy feature a proxy. 

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