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Hi, guys! I know we're all enthusiastic about FX and such, but aside from that, I’m sure some of us have our own cute companions at home. I created this thread for us to show off our cuddly pets. My wife and I own a Pomeranian named Hash. It’s always a bundle of joy, waking up next to this cuddly creature. My wife is more enthusiastic of him than I am, buying him various pet toys, a cooling dog bed, a pet stroller, etc. It’s like having a baby once again, but this time, more playful, hairier, and definitely has four legs. Such a blessing! He's a great companion and a loyal friend, overall. How about you? What are your pet stories?


  • Triem23
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    Heh... I'll shoot some footage to share later. First quirk that comes to mind is my cat, Scotty, who won't take human meat (chicken beef, ham and bacon, if offered, are met with a sniff then ignored), but, for some odd reason, loves spinach. The cat has forgotten he's supposed to be a predator and is a vegetarian.

    Unfortunately the iron content of spinach can cause urinary issues in cats, so I don't indulge him as often as he'd like. He always gives me that pleading look when I make salad....

    Hash is a cute lil' Pom. I like his "mustache."

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    We've got quite the collection of critters. Three cats and two dogs.  They're all adoptions/rescues from various sources.  The most recent acquisition (who I just photographed moments ago) is Dragon.  My wife almost hit him with our truck while coming home from work last fall.  We never found an owner, so we kept him.  He's a mixed breed, and already weighs 50 pounds even though he's not yet a year old.  I'll find/take pics of the others later.

  • tddavis
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    Don't have any real pets at the moment, but these are my seasonal ones:

  • Andy001z
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    Yep much like @Tddavis we have a good range of wild birds that we feed, in fact when you add up the cost of all the feed my wife buys a dog might be cheaper. We also have 4 chickens and a Hedgehog living in the HedgeHog we built.

  • GrayMotion
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    Along with a Bichon and a Basset we also have Goliath

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    @GrayMotion Nice saltwater aquarium if I don't miss my guess.  Always wanted one of those but never took the plunge.  (heh, heh)  You got a nice coral selection there but I can't quite make out what Goliath is, a blue tang or as my youngest grands call them Dorys? Or angel, maybe?

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    @tddavis  -Sadly Dory got sucked up in a power head last year ...she was 8 ...and I will never have another one. A majestic fish that, unlike the Clown fish, cannot be tank bred. They are captured from the ocean by using cyanid bombs. The movie Dory was a real detriment to the species for awhile. :-( Poor fishes.

    We named the tank "Goliath" ..largest tank I've ever owned...200 US gals. All the life inside is South Pacific strain corals, from frog spawns (green bushes) to polyps, mushrooms and leathers.  Cool stuff but restricts vacations :-)

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    That is my dog Kobalt and he is 8 years old.

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    @Aerony You seem to have a propensity for reanimating dead threads and leaving suspicious links with them. This is a warning, and if we see this behavior again, you may be banned from the forum.

    As fun as it is to share our pets, let’s put this thread to rest.

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