Concurrent Instances of Hitfilm Running

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Intersting observation.

It appears I  can run Hitfilm Pro 4 and Hitfilm Pro  build 7.1.0002 at the same time on my Mac. Not wanted behavior? (Not complaining)


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    Let me tag @CedricBonnier

    I know with earlier versions the way proxies worked would prevent multiple instances of Hitfilm from running (with Hitfilm 1 or two as exceptions - no proxies). I don't know if this changed in v6+ or you found a bug. Since the installed file structure changed with v6, it's possible you might be able to run v8 concurrently with v4, but I know you can't run two instances of v8. 

    I actually keep Ultimate 2 installed so I can start a new project while a later version renders. 

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    Hmm, I'm wondering about the same thing as well.

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