Stuttering/skippy Video in timeline and export

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So basically, I am making a video for a project, and I have a TON of clips that I need to put into hitfilm. They are all very smooth, and I have converted them from a MOV file on an iPhone to a mp4 file using handbrake without ANY issues. Again, the mp4's that I am trying to convert into hitfilm are very smooth when they are not in the editor, with very good quality. However, when I put the mp4 into hitfilm, it is laggy and stutters. At first, I thought the framerate was wrong, so I changed the framerate in my editor, both lowering it and raising it. However, nothing changed. Next, I figured that it would be fixed once I export it, however even after exporting it at 60 FPS it is very jumpy and laggy.

It is also not my computer. I can play any other clips from things such as game captures, and putting those mp4's into hitfilm works just fine. My computer using an i7 processor with a GeForce GTX 1080, so my hardware is not the issue. For some reason, Hitfilm does not like these mp4's, and I do not understand why.

I am relatively new to video editing, any suggestions??



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    "My computer using an i7 processor with a GeForce GTX 1080, so my hardware is not the issue. "

    It still may be the issue. I am not sure on what basis you discount your hardware as an issue. For example, "i7" is a meaningless reference. Clock rate is critical to media decode.

    Hitfilm is not terribly fast in basic timeline performance. This exposes itself with high overhead AVC media and higher frame rates (e.g. 60p). You just said "mp4" and "Handbrake" so I am assuming AVC media.

    You did mention 60fps but you never mentioned what your frame size is. 1080 or UHD.  Kinda important. I am also assuming you have no effects or speed adjustment added.

    What settings did you use for the Handbrake transcode? Was it similar to my fast decode AVC settings? I only ask that since they are plastered all over this forum.

    We need to see a report from the free MediaInfo utility program. Just copy/paste the full text report here.

    While we wait for that, I'll list a video about transcoding and optimizing media.

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    Ok so I watched the transcoding video, however what doesn't make sense is that the mp4 is completely fine, looking beautiful and smooth before I put it into the editor. However, when I put it into the editor, that is when it changes. It seems as if the only reason I would need to go through the transcoding process was if the mp4 was "corrupted" in some way even before I put it into hitfilm, which it is not.

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    I followed your video and everything worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the help! 

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