First project I was hired for

Not a paid gig, but still.  It's a promo for a dog rescue near me.  This is the current version.  Would love to hear feedback and suggestions.



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     The following is purely my opinions and observations.   Whenever creatives ask other creatives for feedback it can get interesting.   It's like asking other guitar plays what they thought about your solo.


    For me.  the message was solid and on point and that's what is important to 99% of the viewers.  ( the 1% are other video creators) The lighting was decent  but not consistent.  00:26 and 00:51 are both on the same "set" but 00:51 is brighter.    

    Audio has a noticeable  hum which by it self is not a video killer but it does become more noticeable when her dialog lowers in volume @ 00:26    The dutch angle @ 00:51 is troublesome since usually the dutch angle is primarily used to alert the viewer to a problem and @ 00:51 you are presenting a resolution .

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    BobDiMarzio, that is what I was looking for.  It is the 1st thing I ever wrote. shot and directed so I expected improvements I can make for the next on.  I appreciate your feedback.

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    @DarrynGlass Outside of the excellent observations by @BobDimarzio (though, I believe the dutch angle is at :41). 

    For my $0.02, I found the montage of the stills of the dog in the intro to be hard to see over the background and they were so fleeting you couldn't tell what was in the images.   Also, the almost seductive lighting during  the sequence at :23 made me wonder what we were selling here?  The shot is very dark and all the image reads is the client in the center in provocative pose at :27, you barely notice the dog in the lower left - the shot's dark, the dog's black and it disappears.

    I'm assuming the client gave you the background footage and your actual shoot was the spokesperson bit for the open and close.  Considering these factors and having to hammer the client's supplied footage to fit, I think you did a bang up job.   So, I think Bob ought to let you off the hook for the dutch angle since it was probably supplied by the client.   Fixing it would require you to rotate the frame and then have to zoom in to loose the edges.  That would lower the overall resolution and is probably not really worth it for this endeavor, IMHO.

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    @DarrynGlass In addition,   from the my first viewing I wondered if this sequence was somehow inspired by Sarah MLachlan's  SPCA commercial s she did with her song Angel.

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    Yeah that was the general idea.  To clear things up, this is my footage.  My friend and I did it, scripted, filmed and edited.  It was the first time behind the camera, so I am not surprised there are things that can be improved (I didn't even notice the Dutch angle until you pointed it out).  Thanks for the feed back.  On to more things!

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     Very good for a first try, maybe the footage in the middle is a little too  dark and you dont notice the dog at 0.27 because the "focus" is umm elsewhere ;) but all in all a fine first