Temporal Speed Blur

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How to deactivate the blur on speed effect ?

I have setten speed with 1 value, and blur effect is continuing. i have done a compositing shot with speed changing, and at 1, blur is always here.

Thanks for your help


  • chezlui
    chezlui Website User Posts: 9

    In fact, i want to do ramping. I  use Speed Effect, but i don't want blur. May be there is another effect ?

  • NormanPCN
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    There is no option to turn frame blending off for the Speed effect.

    The rate stretch tool for speed change does not do any frame blending. You also don't get the clip length issues with rate stretch that happen with Speed. You cannot keyframe the rate stretch tool.

    If you don't want frame blending and you need to keyframe you are SOL. You'll need to do those edits in other software.