Hitfilm timeline zooms in WAY too far

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Hi, guy used to Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, and when I zoom one increment in on an hour long video, it zooms to view like one minute. This makes the software incredibly frustrating to use, as often I need to see a huge part of the timeline, but not the whole thing, or at the very least a few minutes so I can drag out corners and such. This is particularly frustrating when I'm making a speedpaint because apparently hitfilm doesn't actually shorten the clips when you speed them up. If someone knows how to do that as well, it'd be appreciated.


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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking but I'll try to answer the best that I can. 

    If you're zooming in on the track with the mouse wheel it will typically zoom, in set increments which perhaps could bee too far. When I need a more accurate zoom I will actually move the zoom bar manually.

    Speeding up clips should shorten the clips if you use the speed effect as opposed to the time effect.

    I may be getting that backward or possibly incorrect altogether so someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, lol. I don't have access to the program at the moment.

    There is also the rate stretch tool for actually stretching the clip to specific lengths which will actively slow or speed the clip respectively.

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    I'll try the speed tools, thank you for mentioning those. My issue is that even when I use the zoom bar manually it zooms way too far in. For instance, if you zoom in in Sony Vegas, the zoom increases in 1/5 increments (60 minute timeline zooms to 48 minutes, 5 frame timeline zooms into 4 frames, that sort of thing). This is what I consider a good speed, but the way Hitfilm (at least by default) zooms is really fast at first and then really slow.

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    This is a long standing workflow irritant for me. Certainly a heavy onion chopping type irritant. Maybe pepper spray.

    I have wishlisted this about once a year. Here is the last time I did so. #38 at the end of the list.


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    I can cope with it, but: would be much better if the zoom could happen in a more linear way, So I 2nd NormanPCN. The scaling is not ideal, it should be smoother.
    Think I have to add my wishlist items soon.

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    Comparing zoom from Vegas to anything probably makes the other thing seem weak in relation to Vegas. The Vegas zoom is effectively infinitely fine granularity. I really rarely used a zoom control in Vegas. I just selected a region and gave the Vegas command to zoom the selection to fit the view. Since Vegas has infinite fine granularity the zoom fit was always perfect. Literally perfect.

    Resolve is similar to Hitfilm in zoom control. It actually has less zoom increments than Hitfilm. 15 to Hitfilm 20. Resolve is so much easier to get a reasonable timeline view scale than Hitfilm. Still does not hold a candle to Vegas. The zoom slider in Hitfilm has pixel granularity but the response curve is so crazy it is still hard/twitchy to get something reasonable. Given the disconnect between granularity of the zoom slider and the module wheel, and the fast curve, one wonders why the value of 20 was chosen for the wheel. It makes the wheel mostly useless.