Downloaded the new express and I dont have my packs

Jacob_Sct Website User Posts: 79

Just downloaded the new hitfilm express and I dont have my packs anymore!!! I had to factory reset my computer and I had them before, now I dont


  • Triem23
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    1. Did you use the same email address for Hitfilm v8 as Hitfilm 2017? Licenses are tied to emails and users have made that error before. 

    2. Have you browsed for individual effects from the packs you already had? Because packs got shuffled you might have an older pack with effects moved into two or three new packs. This means that you might only have one of maybe five effects in a new pack. In this case the new pack will show a "buy" button. So, yeah, browse your effects list for an individual effect you know you have purchased. Sake of argument, lets say you have the Express 2017 Starter Pack--browse the Effects List for Color Correction Wheels. It should be there. 


  • skwal
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    I had the same problem, I had to signin to my account, deactivate hit film, relaunch it and re-activate it when prompted, everything was fine