60fps or 24 fps when shooting a travel video

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Im going to be going to europe and ill be there for 2 weeks but im going to try to do a travel video... My question is should I film 60 film fps or 24 fps.  I know 60 fps will help if i want that slowmo but I want to get that cinematic feeling? Any suggestions?


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    Since movies are 24 fps,  logically you want to edit your final project at 24 fps. This would further imply you would want to shoot most video at 24 fps, only shooting 60 fps for things you might want in slow motion.

    Now, Hitfilm will conform imported media to project frame rate when initially dropped on the timeline, so you have the option of shooting everything at 60 and editing at 24. So why not just do that? 

    Well... Two potential reasons.

    First, this is a guess, because I don't know your camera, but a lot of DSLR/MFT/Mirrorless cameras, and lower end camcorders shoot at the same bitrate at 24 and 60fps. We'll just call a bitrate "X." X/24 gives more bits per frame than X/60, so each frame will have more detail, and the whole video will have better image quality.

    Second, Hitfilm will respond better in editing if you drop 24 fps footage on a 24 fps timeline than if confirming 60 fps footage to a 24 fps timeline. Obvious, right, because it's a step Hitfilm doesn't have to process for every frame. 

    So. For a "cinematic" feel, just understand you want a 24 fps edit. Which way to shoot? 

    Now it depends on what you're doing on your trip. If you're visiting museums and historical sites and gorgeous vistas then you probably should shoot at 24. Beauty shots of static objects don't need slow-motion. Are you traveling more in the wilds where you might be shooting animals? Maybe you'd want to shoot 60 fps in case something really fast happens and you want to slow it down. 

    Last year wifey, dad and I did a cruise with landings to Antarctica. I just went ahead and changed frame rates depending on what I KNEW I'd shoot, but, usually 60 was my default... You never know when a glacier might calve and a 15-foot tsunami roars along the shore pushing a 20 foot high hunk of ice into your vessel's zodiac bay. I'm glad I have that at 60. But I was at 60 anticipating possible seal fights (it was mating season). Later in the trip visiting Iguazu Falls my default rate was 24. Maximizing frame details for all that gorgeous... I did shift back to 60 for a few shots that I was shooting specifically for slow motion.

    So... That was a long message for "it depends." I suppose my takeaway points are plan to edit at 24 and practice switching frame rate. If your camera has custom buttons or a quick menu consider assigning a button/function to frame rate selection then pick a frame rate for what you're shooting. 

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    @Triem23 will filming something at 60fps provide less blur between frames. For example if the light isn't great will it prove better to have shot at 60fps? I know there is a tone of other settings to consider.


    PS: Also consider the frame size of the 60fps, you camera might do true 4k at 24pfs but compressed or HD only at 60fps.

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    @Andy001z typically shutter speed at 24 fps is 1/48 and at 60fps is 1/120. 60fps will have less blur. 24 gives another stop and a half of exposure. 

    As you say there are other settings to consider.

    Frame size is another consideration. That's true. 

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