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Howdy, I'm a little new to using HitFilm and I noticed a lack of fanmade animations inspired by Star Trek's latest TV incarnation, Discovery...So I decided to scramble something together, and I'm kind of proud of it. Let me know what y'all think!


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    @ThatGuyBrian Looks good!  Is that your model?  If so, it is really nicely detailed.  Even if not, you did a fantastic job dialing in the material settings.

  • Thank you! The model was made by David Metlesits, by the way.

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    That's looking very good.

    One things... when it hyperjumps it seems to skew right a little bit.

    I am hoping to do some Star Trek stop motion parodies in the near future myself so have to read up on the CBS 'guidelines'.  I don't think your animation falls foul of any of them though.

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    Nothing like a great looking starship beauty pass. Well done! :)

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    Very nice shot. Like tddavis saud, you really dialed in your material settings. 

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     Very nice!  The art director in me wants to give a little push up and blue glow on the rear nacelles prior to the jump.  But I'm just nitpicking.  Good shot!

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    @DafterThings I think the "skew" is deliberate. @ThatGuyBrian is doing a Next-Gen style "stretch" on the jump to warp.

    Brian I really do think you nailed this shot. That said, let me link an old Hitfilm 2 Ultimate tutorial that will help make this even better.

    Ok, to recap, Simon has created a "light pass" model with only the Illuminated areas on black. For your shot this would also let you set up an overlay layer to isolate things like the impulse engines to get a bit more glow on those.

    It's what I did in this sequence for the window and engine glows on both ships. It's also how I added running lights to the K'tinga, because the model I used didn't have the blinkers on the boom. I added a small sphere sub-model to the all-black K'tinga copy and keyframed the opacity of that layer. The Constitution also has a running lights layer, although those were on the model already, so didn't require adding spheres. 

    Personal note, not a fan of Discovery's design. To me she looks like the unfortunate love child of a JJ Verse Constitution and a Prime Universe K'tinga. Tell me that rear hull doesn't look like a traditional Klingon design. 

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    I've seen too many 3D space craft fan scenes (Star Trek fan scenes in particular) that make me cringe hard and want to die when I see them. Yours looks like it could have been taken straight from the show, so I applaud you. It's also made me realize just how powerful HitFilm's 3D really is. Amazing stuff!

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    Wow!  That's one sweet shot.  And it was posted on my birthday, so it kinda feels like a late gift of sorts.  :D  I definitely want to see more from you.