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Dharmaint Website User Posts: 38
I wish a lot of the tutorials didn't use plugins that don't come with the program. Some plugins are in the 100s of $. Videocopilot uses external plugins in almost every video. Kind of difficult to follow their tutorials


  • Triem23
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    Hitfilm has no external plug-ins. Videocopilot tuts happen to feature Videocopilot plug-ins. What a surprise...
  • Dharmaint
    Dharmaint Website User Posts: 38
    The thing that annoyed me about copilot was that every video I think except one has a plugin so after effects can't do a lot. And the plugins were anywhere from 40-100 and something $. Not every can afford all this. After. 1000$ then plugins
  • SimonKJones
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    Videocopilot MAKE plugins, so it's not surprising that their tutorials often focus on those plugins.
    With HitFilm we've done our best to put as much value into the software as possible. As an Express user you will find some features which are Ultimate-only, of course, but there's still a good number of tutorials which work in both versions.
  • Dharmaint
    Dharmaint Website User Posts: 38
    But when there pricey it's hard to follow along