Is this a glitch? Well if it is I don't want it to get fixed.


I made a music video for a local contest. There are certain parts of the video where I used the Divide Blend mode on top of a composite shot which gives it that "deep fry" look. [You could see it in the 1:00 mark on the video]. This effect really gave it a neat glitchy look, especially at the end. 


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    Glitch-a-licious!  I like it.

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    Did you do anything else to the grade before the Divide blend? 

    Picture channel values run from 0 to 1. Divide takes the channel values of the top layer and divides by the channel values below (divide by 0 returns a value of 0). This number becomes the new value.

    A Grade Layer renders everything below, then passes to effects, then Blend Mode for final composite. 

    So an empty Grade Layer with no effects in a Divide Blend Mode SHOULD return values of 1 for every pixel (anything divided by itself is 1), or an all-white screen. I guess black (0) over black (0) might equal black (0). 

    That's why I asked if you had other effects on the grade, because it looks cool, but it's not what I'd expect. 

  •  OH man it's been nearly a year and I didn't see your comment. I tested this out with an updated version of Hitfilm, it still works, I think this has to do with how hitfilm handles compression of videos as doing the same with a frame of an image doesn't give the same effect. It's as simple as doing a divide blend towards a video and that's it. Personally I hope this doesn't get patched, but I understand how problematic this is