Cost of upgrading after the 12 month period has elapsed ?

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Did this question ever actually get addressed by fxhome ?

How are customers subsequently charged for a new 12 month period if they chose not to upgrade straightaway ?

For example, suppose someone didn't upgrade for a year for whatever reason ?



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    I'm pretty certain what they are saying is the software will be current with updates for 12 months before a new version is released. If you upgrade in 6 months time you will have those existing 6 months of upgrades plus the remaining 6 months. Does that make sense?

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    @luxgud this has been addressed. 

    New license--initial "full price" purchase. 

    Immediate upgrade--large discount. 

    Wait a year and upgrade--smaller discount than immediate upgrade. 

    Prices haven't been given yet. We'll probably find out in November as that's when we'll have the first people coming up on renewal. 

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    "large", "small" .... really !


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    @luxgud as I said, prices haven't been announced yet, so "large" and "smaller" are the best I can do. I could speculate that prior upgrade pricing has been about half of a new license, so a contiguous upgrade would basically be 50% off while a gapped upgrade would be a 33% discount, but that's pulling a number out of my ass. 

    Now, Kirstie said in on of the YouTube livestreams that upgrades would be discounted and a contiguous upgrade would be more discounted than a gapped upgrade, but that's all the information I have. 

    Hitfilm's pricing structure has changed most years. My best guess is that upgrade pricing hasn't been decided yet, and that probably won't be finalized until November when the office looks back on the year and runs the numbers. Since no one's subscription can run out until November this isn't something that's needed to be finalized yet. Certainly it's not anything FXHOME will fully discuss at this time. 

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    I'm curious if someone will answer my question, after the 12 months, if we upgrade, will we receive another 3 copies of hitfilm or just get updated the previous?

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    @whakan you get another 12 months of upgrades on your current license. Part of the whole point of going to 12-month upgrades and a simple "Hitfilm Express/Pro" name without version or year numbers was to prevent users from juggling different installations. Also, once people have upgraded to any version of Hitfilm after November 2017 (Pro) or May 2018 (Express), one's presets and preferences should always be current instead of digging into the file system of Hitfilm 4 Pro to copy one's custom settings/presets to another folder for Hitfilm Pro 2017 and, again, to Hitfilm Pro (versions after Pro 2017).

    If you choose not to upgrade, your software will continue to function at the last update you were eligible for. However, unlike those amoral bastards at Adobe, your software won't be disabled, locking you out of your own work.

    ANOTHER reason for just calling the software "Hitfilm Express/Pro" without a version number is Vegas/Hitfilm integration. Vegas has data files that call for a specific Hitfilm version--the version of Hitfilm available at time of the Vegas release. This keeps breaking integration--so Vegas 13 doesn't see Hitfilm Pro (2018) because it's looking for Hitfilm 4. It's an easy fix (@Palacono has the hack), but it's not something FXHOME can patch, and the Vegas team certainly isn't going to patch Vegas 13, for Sony, when the current version is 15, for Magix, when mid-way through development on 16.

    Keeping the name as a simple "Hitfilm Express/Pro" means future versions of Hitfilm and Vegas won't have integration break with future updates of either program. 

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    At the moment, you can upgrade to the latest version from, say, version 1 at a specified amount ie about £168

    Would the new un-disclosed pricing system be as reasonable as this ?