Avengers: the trials of the specmaster (trailer)

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So, I work in a software company (as a manager of 40+ software engineers, believe it or not) and twice a year we have an event called Peer Awards.

People anonymously give positive feedback to each other and vote each other of prizes like, Gandalf of Software Architecture or Iron Man of Coding.

Then we have a gala where we hand out he prizes, and to make it more fun we make some short movies poking fun at ourselves and software engineering, mixed sometimes with the topic (Avengers, Indiana Jones...).

Anyway, here's the trailer of one of them:


The next one will be released on June 8th, and I'll make sure to share it here also!


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    I like this sort of thing. The video itself is really well done but why not more SuperHeroey? All the Avengers are in normal clothes (other than Vision).

    Was that on purpose? 


  • rutxer
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    Everything was shot in the office, right after work. We got one guy in a haikido kimono as "master of specifications" which had some fun conversation with Vision. But that's about it.

    The hero was acting as a Product Owner (if you're familiar with Scrum), so "normal" clothes were required. Oh, we got him in a bathrobe for the scene with Scarlett. Boy it was fun!!!

    The next one will be more like separate sketches, but I managed to fill one of them with VFX so I can share it here proudly