Soccer promotion using only Hitfilm

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I'd like to share a soccer promotion I did. Using Vegas in the past for editing this one is the first video I made only using Hitfilm. Except the conversion of the google earth part and transcode of scenes from very large files using Vegas. Also all audio cut and edit is done inside Hitfilm.

Last summer on a tournament the girls took the cam and made Nonsens with,  Since then I always wanted to make fun of it and use something in the videos I do for them sometimes but had no clear idea in mind.  Also I wanted to make a short promotion as motivation for the tournament in Denmark we are leaving for today.

Thanks to @jsbarrett I was inspired by a video of him and thanks again to him he permitted it to be covered somehow. 

I know the lighting does not look perfect and blur does not match perfect also, but that 3D ball (completely created inside in Hitfilm!) was a hard job. Even with proxied files changes to that scene took a large amoutn of time - Ram render took 4 seconds for one frame.

Anyway here it is and since this is my first "complete" contribution in this forum I'd like to get feedback and critics.

The text is German. Translation:
At the beginning the girl says "Hello my dear friends, here we are at Tjardas beauty palace"

Text at the end: "Dear Denmark you need to be brave now. We are on our way"