Admin of S.H.I.E.L.D (Avengers Parody)

Hey everyone,

Thought I would showcase my latest video for you all. It's a comedy mockumentary about the admin department that look after the avengers.

We've filmed it very much in the same style as "The Office" and tried to portray comedy and heart, whilst poking some fun at superhero movies.

Note: there are no infinity war spoilers in the video.

All editing and vfx was completed in hitfilm.

Please let me know your thoughts.




  • JMcAllister
    JMcAllister Posts: 593 Enthusiast

    + love it. love the style, love the jokes

    - some of the audio is a bit quiet in places

  • DafterThings
    DafterThings Posts: 984 Enthusiast

    Brilliant concept which is seamlessly executed. My only criticism is it's goes on a bit once the concept is understood. Maybe a few cuts to reduce the time?

    Bizarrely I have 'Underlings/Minions of S.H.I.E.L.D' in my ideas notebook. 

  • @JMcAllister Thanks very much for the great feedback. We were always worried whether the jokes would work or not.

    @DafterThings Thanks for the great feedback too. I see your point about it going on a bit. However, we filmed it as if it was a TV series (or could become a TV series) and knew this would possibly seem like it was dragging for some, especially as a YouTube video. We had so much good material and footage that it was hard enough limiting it to 10 minutes.

  • rutxer
    rutxer Posts: 176

    You guys nailed the look if you were aiming for the office!

    A (potentially dumb) question. You mention that all editing and VFX was done in HitFilm. What were the VFX? They're either absolutely amazing or my son was pulling the tablet away from at just the VFX moment

  • @rutxer Thanks very much for the great comments. There wasn't much VFX work, but they were very subtle.

    For instance, the sparks and smoke coming out of the Ironman helmet were all tracked and composited into shot. The other main ones were the screen replacements i.e. when the office worker is watching aliens smashing up New york. For those, the shots were tracked in mocha and a quad warp effect applied. Some additional blending effects were added such as glares etc to make it look more realistic. The fact that you didn't spot them makes me happy as that's the intention of vfx in a way!

  • DafterThings
    DafterThings Posts: 984 Enthusiast

    Might be a dumber question : What about the SHIELD logo on the windows/doors. Either (another) subtle effect or was it a real thing?

  • @DafterThings The SHIELD logo was actually there. Printed it at A1 on a works printer, carefully cut and just stuck to the glass. Looks quite effective as I placed it on the opposite site of the glass facing inwards to make it seem embedded.

    In fact, watching it back, if you look to the left of the logo you can spot some small creases that gives it away.