Tokina 11-20 Lens Review

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Just did this review, and of course, all edited in Hitfilm. What wide angle lens are you using? 


  • Jediman
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    Nice review..............BUT

    I am pulling my hair out!
    Shooting astrophotography on a demo Tokina 11-20 lens purchased - acquired via a first party, I have noticed this half formed dark ring on my image with all the night shots done for astrophotography.

    Shot at f/2.8 varied ISO up to 6400 at 11mm with 25sec exposure. The lower I go, example ISO 800 then because it gets darker, the mark is not really seen. If I shoot at f/3.2 the mark is a tad but almost gone but then my stars are not that sharp.
    This is only in night photography it does this. Daytime shots, there is absolutely nothing. no marks. no distortion. nothing.
    On Landscape at night - the mark is top centre. On portrait/vertical the mark is centre left side if camera lies vertical left and on right centre if camera lies vertical right. All shot in different settings, directions, light.

    Day photography is no problem Sunrise - daytime - sunset. There are no marks, no blemish, no half ring.

    I ran a "backfocus" check/test with chart and all is in order and in focus. My main hobby is to get into astrophotography and with the f/2.8 this was going to be ideal.
    The lens is scratch free. Clean and well kept. All the focus options work perfectly, manual as well as auto focus
    I am hoping there is some explanation??

    Wondering is anyone had an explanation or experienced anything like this?