To The Stars! An anime-fuelled space adventure

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Hello, folks! Long-time Fxhome user here, but I admit I don't post much these days. My, but the place looks so very different every time I stop by for a visit - progress!

Anyway, every year (since 2008, give or take), my friends and I get together to make a dorky little movie to open our local anime convention - hype people up, make them laugh, that sort of thing. Last year, we produced To The Stars!, A twelve-and-a-half-minute space adventure pulling, er, inspiration, from everything from Captain Harlock to Revolutionary Girl Utena.

People at the convention liked it, so currently, what we're working on for this year has a similar style in mind. But, I thought it would be valuable to reach outside the local anime scene to see what others think. If you've got the time to spare and think it sounds like fun, we'd be glad to know about your reactions, suggestions, and assorted thoughts to help us out moving forward. Thanks!


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    I like how well done it was. I liked how badly it was done.    That makes it difficult to suggest anything for improvement.

    I can tell you the music began to annoy me after 6 mins or so. Could you have used another track or background music at times? In fact, a bit of silence kicking back into the same track might have been funny. Maybe have the actors do a little jump-step to get it going again?

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     I'll take that first paragraph as a compliment; it's precisely the balance we aim to strike

    Good to know! Yes, the music does drone on a bit, doesn't it? We're considering, this year, a contiguous track of narration rather than music. No audible dialogue, just like this one, but music as a background element.  Hopefully something like that will keep things from getting annoying, repetitive, or dull. Thanks for your time and input!