Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

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3/11/18 Done a re-edit tried out some new techniques to improve it and added some history.

Shot most of this last summer just went  back and got the sea shot i was wanting this weekend. Happy with the way it turned out hope you enjoy


  • rutxer
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    Hi there!

    Pretty place and nice flying day you had :) I liked the approach at 2:33, also the roatatir0an at 1:19-1:26.

    And if I may critique a bit, the vignetting feels a bit too much at times and some of the takes (especially the 1st one) felt quite long.

    Nice flying!



  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks for the feedback glad you like the rotation shots i been putting in some practice with them. The first shot is a bit long but i wanted to capture some thing different and i had not seen any videos of a sea approach to the castle.

    Had some problems with over exposure and the sun and wanted to create a mood so hence the vignetting , but i agree its a bit much in some shots.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

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    Hi, nice drone shots have to +1 to @ruxter comments. About 10 years ago I stayed in the car part in my camper and took some still shots of the castle at night all lit up which was cool and some early morning photos. Fantastic place.

    Oh and I love the Viking books by Bernard Cornwell and the castle is the home of the lead character Uthred, In fact I believe Mr Cornwell used the castle because his own family has links to it.

  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks Andy . Sounds great being there for sunrise like you did.I have been in the castle a few time i like the history and fiction around it. Its got some very nice  sand dunes around it and   plenty wildlife.

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    You need to turn down the EXP on your Yaw control and be aware really early when you are drifting off track, so you can slowly correct with the Yaw in time. Make your Yaw EXP control so slow it feels almost useless. It'll still be too fast. Same applies to camera tilt.

    Even then you'll still get general aircraft wiggle, so try a point tracker on something and centre it up. If it needs to move, then set a few manual keyframes. If shooting in 4k you can zoom in a few % to lose the borders you'll get.


  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks for the tips and advice i will give them settings a try and keep it in mind  and thanks for the link to the edit tips this is what i need to be doing.

    Couple of questions if the EXP control is very low as you say. That would mean its going to be a very large arc around any thing your trying to film and maybe take you to far out ? .  Some times i find  the POI setting restricts the approach you can make to a object.


    Also is it possible to stabilize the ramp as in the tutorial in AE inside of hit film pro ?



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     No, slow yaw should not take you too far out. You can currently do a full 360 spin on the spot in about 1 second. Way too fast. Unless you're racing you don't need that.  It's why the Mavic has Tripod Mode. Try that too.

    How long would it take to do a nice smooth POI rotate around a building at about 40 feet out? I'll tell you: about 1 minute. You could never get your yaw so slow that it takes 1 minute to do 360 degrees, so don't worry about that.

    Yes, of course you can do it in Hitfilm Pro (and Express), that's why I posted the video link. Use the point stabilizer in exactly the same way. The speed ramp itself you'd have to do slightly differently. Use either of the Speed methods (Speed Effect or Edit Speed/Duration) on the middle section and add some fake Motion Blur with Angle Blur or Zoom Blur.

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    @Rogyrue Nice video!  2 of my favorite things: drone footage and castles! And I continue to be amazed at your brass ones flying out over open water like that.  

  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks for the tips and information i will give it all a try and keep it in mind . I just finished another castle last week in the process of a edit at the moment. Not used tripod mode much but will give it a try.


  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks and i am lucky we got a few nice castles around here just finished doing Alnwick castle going to edit that over the weekend.

    Its a bit of a thrill taking the drone out to sea knowing one mistake and its game over. Worst part is when you lose signal and your screen goes blank , I normally just increase altitude and the signal comes back and i wipe the tear from my eye.

    Are you hit a head wind and you start to think your going to run out of battery. But have to say DJI make it easy they done a great job on these drones and tech  application and UI.



  • Rogyrue
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    3/11/18 Done a re-edit tried out some new techniques to improve it and added some history.


  • Behind_The_Lens
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    Nice job! Liked the opening shot- very cinematic. Your craft is definitely getting better(saw your Majorca vid). I think if there’s anything I would say it’s to ditch the water transitions, cut out the fat in the edit(tight is better for these kind of montages), and to watch the framing (generally good, but the orbiting shot is a little odd and cut off)


    again, getting better!!

  • Rogyrue
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    Thanks for the constructive feedback on the two videos montages  I made , i take on board what you suggest . As you mention its a learning and evolving process and  the more you practice the more your learn. Its a enjoyable process and Hitfilm helps  :)

    Still got quite a bit footage from a holiday in the south of France and another Uk castle  i have to put together. Always feel a bit rushed when flying the drone on family holidays in busy places and you only get one shot at it , its kind of off the cuff.  Be nice to have more time to plan and practice these shots :)

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    I somehow missed the original edit, so I went to the top of the thread to watch it, but found that you'd replaced your original version with the new one. I can't even find it on your YouTube channel, so I can't comment on what may have changed/improved compared to the original, but this latest version looks nice.

    On the editing front, I noticed that your letterboxing is inconsistent. At first I thought you were using one setting for the video segments and another for the stills, but upon closer inspection I found that there are differences all over the place. It would help the piece feel more unified with a consistent letterbox style applied across everything. Shiny Films has a video that discusses a couple ways to get a consistent letterbox look across an entire project.

    I recommend the first method, which involves setting your project dimensions to the desired target aspect ratio, as that has numerous benefits over baking in the black bars into the video itself.

  • GavinBarker
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    Good lord that opening shot is beautiful!

    I really like the tweaks you've made over the original, one thing I'd say is the initial shot over the water that incorporates the ripple effect is, at least to this impartial viewer, a little unnecessary. You could kick off that shot at around 0.33 and it'd be damn near perfect!

    But honestly I really love the little historical notes and your drone shots are stellar! 

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    I agree with @gavinbarker.

    The ripple effect at the beginning  adds nothing. I would either zoom across the water to the castle or cut out most of that piece. Frankly, get me to the castle as swiftly and interestingly as possible because that's when it kicks in. I'd even suggest getting me to the castle and THEN start telling me the history in some overlay format.

  • Rogyrue
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    jsbarrettGavinBarker  DafterThings

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas :)  it appreciated  , when i get time  i will do another edit of the opening shot.

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