Over 2 million subscribers.

Prospero Posts: 127

Wow, getting close to 3 million subscribers of Hitfilm. Hope everyone is having a fantastic time using the software. I've been a user/subscriber before it was Hitfilm starting when the site was FX HOME. Before 2011 if that gives you any idea. Just wanted to say hi and tell you its great to have so many people creating, posting their creations and asking questions on the forums. Don't be afraid to ask questions, that's what the forums are designed for. I will say that it would be nice to see some of the more knowledgeable of the content creators help answer questions. What may seem an easy question to you might be very difficult to answer for a new user. Also, if you are a new time user there are lots of tutorials on everything from the user interface and controls to a multitude of effects.  Comments are always welcome on the forums as long as they are polite, constructive and encouraging. All the best to everyone