Baby Comando (first Resolve 15 Beta test)

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Resolve 15 is exciting now with Fusion included! Buggy and crashes often still, but I like the integration (as a one-man-band-hobby-only).

Nothing spectacular, but my daughter loved getting Elsa-like-freezing-powers :)



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    Hi, firstly you are clearly having fun with your daughter and the software, and that is the best of both worlds. I liked the track on the Ice as she ran past that was ice and convincing, not even sure what effect you used. There is a lot that could be picked apart here, but seeing that you are having fun I won't, I just say think about your timings, especially your canon it felt way to slow for light. Lastly I'll say your final camera angle and move was great an felt really nice.

    Keep having fun, Check out my youtube channel for some of my fun projects, my little girl is in HeroPixel

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    Andy001z thanks!

    There's certainly a lot to be picked apart :) but thanks for being kind. When I shot it, the 2 year old was in the sandbox and there were other kids around, which on purpose I didn't want in the frame, but didn't want to disturb. Point being, it was all improvised and I got very little takes.

    That made the pacing of the short/sketch very tricky. All assets, including the ice peaks are pre-keyed assets from ProductionCrate. They work well with HitFilm, but to make them work in Resolve/Fusion I need to transcode them to ProRes (I use ffmpeg for that). And that didn't work well for the laser beams I had in mind and I settled with that slower beam (which I could have sped up of course...).

    Now my daughter wants to make a movie with her My Little Pony toys

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    @Ruxter totals understand about other kids about (how dare they use the play area, have they no respect for the next great film maker :)

    Re the timing on the pre-keyed assets. You have some options on speed, put your asset into a composite shot then add the speed effect to change the speed that the media is played. Doing it this way means your original footage remains at original speed. Don’t forget to use the LAYER BLEND option to find a blend mode that really sells the keyed item.

    Another option you have is to use the RATE STRETCH tool in the editor. If you use this and shrink your item and it will play back faster. I think however this way might drop frames to allow for the quicker speed, and this might not give you the look you are looking for.

    Lastly, regarding the laser beam, have a play with HF expresses lightening effect, you can make this into a laser beam by stripping back the branches and using the growth option. You will need to play with Keyframes but that is a good think to learn.

    Oh and if you have not already seen him, check out VFX DAD on youtube for some great examples of VFX and kids play.

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    the rate stretch tool is in the compositor as well as in the editor

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     Thanks for the tips guys!

    I've been learning Fusion for a while and it's difficult to give up on the nodes workflow (plus particles engine and 3D capabilities in the free version), but I should give HitFilm Express some love again