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I have downloaded  the latest  version of HitFilm Express. And have create an free account.

I have ( I think) actived HitFilm, but if I go to the Export tab, I can't Export my edited film. 

Can some one tell me what I doing wrong?


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    In the timeline at the bottom left you will see a button that says 'export contents'. Click that and it will bring you to the export screen. Then click start exporting at the bottom.

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    Realy thanks for the information. It's working.

    I watched a video on YouTube, but things went differently. that is why I asked this question.

    This was the video:

    Maby an other version. 

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    Older version. That was a Hitfilm 4 tutorial. All more recent versions use the Queue. 

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    @jelleruben What version do you have? I would guess you have HitFilm Express 2017. Here are two videos on how to export in HitFilm...

    If you have HitFilm 4 Express, look at this...

    If you have HitFilm Express 2017, look at this...

    For a complete overview of all things importing and exporting, take a look at this...

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