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Hi All,
My first post on the forum but I've lurked and owned hit film for a while.  Firstly,  thank you for the great product and all your tutorials - both from company and community!   it made a huge difference in my Hitfilm experience,  i still have a ton to learn, but I feel confident with the amazing learning resources you have provided!
2nd -  I'm from the Iclone / Crazytalk - Reallusion community -  and just wanted to say we appreciate your software and arts very much - we are from the animation side of life!!  
The new offering Hitfilm is a hot topic on our forum,  http://forum.reallusion.com/Topic175321-13-1.aspx  and i thought it would be a nice way for both communities to meet,  as both of you have some of the best and friendliest artists on the net imo! :D

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    Hi Ricky! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting that link. Always great to see another community checking out HitFilm and incorporating it into projects.