Can you help me figure out what’s going on in this tutorial?

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I’m watching yet another how-to on grading this Cinestyle profile I’m shooting with and I need help translating what’s going on in this tutorial.

About 2:30-3:00 he’s talking about “lift” and whatnot. What is lift and how can I do what he’s doing in Hitfilm? 

Also, what’s up with those wheels? I’m trying to follow along with a clip I have...I have scopes up and I put the color correction wheels on. But his wheels aren’t labeled the same. 

This goes back to an earlier post I made about how almost every tutorial I come across uses “the other guy’s software” and it’s a pain trying to follow and translate what they’re doing into what I’m working with (Hitfilm). 

Does this make sense, what I’m trying to get at? 

I really wish more people doing these tutorials used Hitfilm. I feel like the dude sitting there scratching his head while everybody else is laughing because he completely missed the joke.


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    Well, if you are going to watch tutorials for other software then you need to know the features of that other software if you want to translate to [something else]. Often times different software uses terminology differently.

    As for Resolve's use of the term "lift".

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    But I wasn’t just watching tutorials for other software. I was searching for “color grading technicolor cinestyle profile”. And this is one of the videos that came up. 

    Like I said earlier, it would be different (better) if I entered “color grading cinestyle profile”, opened a video tutorial, and the dude was like “here’s a tutorial on how to do this. Now I’m going to go ahead and open up Hitfilm...” 

    but that is pretty much never the case. 

    And that link you posted was pretty much what I was looking for. 

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    I really like that second scopes video. And I’m 100% positive I’ve warched it, but I’ll be honest with you, I don’t remember half the Hitfilm videos I’ve watched. It’s so much info. 

    One thing that I am having trouble with is this: while the examples are great, I get the feeling that the whole game changes once you add some moving parts, action, and human faces into the mix. 

    Triem23 did a great job of livening up that grass. But if there were two people in the shot talking to each other I’m sure it would completely jack up their faces...and overall composition. 

    I guess it’s a game of careful tweaking. 


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    When he’s messing with the “lift”, using the mouse wheel, what control is he using? He doesn’t seem to be moving any actual colors around on the lift wheel, aka shadows.

    would this be the two slides on each wheel in Hitfilm? 

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    That control below the wheel in Resolve is adjust all items equally in the respective wheel. lift => shadows. So not color shift but changing the brightness of the range. In this case, lift which is shadows. In the 2:30-3 section you originally mentioned he wanted to darken the shadows.

    In Hitfilm this would be using the lightness control in the shadows section or the "L" slider next to the shadows color wheel.

    In the color wheel you have strength and hue. These are about applying a color shift to the respective wheel range. The saturation control changes the saturation of the wheel range. Lightness changes the brightness of the respective wheel range.

    So the color wheels effect gives you independent control over color shift, saturation and brightness of shadows, midtones and highlights ranges.


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    Cool. So the “S” and “L” sliders are saturation and lightness...which can also be adjusted by clicking the arrow by each respective wheel. 

    One more and then I think that’s about it for this thread. 

    When I have scopes pulled up and I’m trying to mess with the wheels there is MASSIVE lag and delay so it’s very frustrating trying to make adjustments. Like it’s almost impossible to make accurate adjustments. Any idea what causes this? 

    Does this go back to the conversation about computer speeds and GPUs and all that? 

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    Likely. Fast computers perform faster than slower computers. I see no lag with scopes up and adjusting color wheels (like dragging the lightness slider).

    You can try adjusting the scope downsample analysis option to Half or quarter and see if that helps performance. Or adjust the viewer to a lower resolution like half (if you are not already there).

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    Scope downsample anylisis option....where? 

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