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I am making a trailer for my animated movie and I have a photo that I want to use for the background. There are some lights from buildings in the photo that should reflect on some objects(planes flying by, water, nearby 3d buildings) in the trailer. I would like to know do I have to simulate the reflection of the lights while rendring the trailer or is there a way in hitfilm to make it reflect of these objects. Also how hard would it be to match the trailer to the atmosphere of the photo?


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    Hey, welcome to the forums.  Without seeing the image, many of those questions are almost impossible to answer effectively.  But in general, simulating the reflection of lights is very possible in HitFilm, though the process for doing so could vary significantly depending on the type of layer they are reflecting onto.  Water would be handled quite differently than a 3D building, for example.  For a 3D building, in Ultimate I would just import the 3D model, and use the environment map to create the reflection.  Since you are working with Express, I assume the building would be pre-rendered, and you may want to use your image as an environment map in whatever program you use to render it. 
    Without knowing the atmosphere of the photo, its impossible to say how hard it would be to match.  Can you give us some images or examples to look at?
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