Composite Shot with multiple videos - How to zoom in to each video?

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My composite shot has several images and videos. Basically, the images are borders for videos and I have about 25 videos set up in a grid like pattern. What I want to do is to zoom in on each video for a few seconds, then zoom out. 

I was going to post an image but can't get it working. So here is a rough idea.


Each of the numbers and letters are a video with an image as a border. Everything altogether is the composite shot. I need to be able to zoom in on 1, then zoom back out, zoom in on 2....etc

I've watched a few tutorials on how to zoom but none of them seem to fit what I am doing. It's almost like all the content on the composite show isn't on a single layer, so I can't really zoom in on a particular layer. 

I have the videos and image borders linked and I have tried scaling the individual videos/border images, but the border images would have to change layer orders for that to work....and I don't see how that can be done. Not to mention, having to do that 24 times seems very inefficient.


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    Almost two years, and not a single response. WTF? Who would expect to work with more than one element in something called a "composite" shot, amirite?

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     @misteridjit You dont have to look up old threads on the forum. Its unfortunate that this user didnt receive a response. Theres not a group large enough to get to every single thread all the time. If this user is still tryng to learn that effect, then bumping the thread even after a short 7 days would do the trick. 

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    @misteridjit please try to avoid using cursory language on the forum. What is the purpose of your comment? You are resurrecting an old thread whilst providing no useful information. I will now close this thread, to prevent it from being necro'd again. Hopefully the OP found their solution - which, as far as I'm aware, is what they already acknowledge as a solution, although a slow one.

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