Zooming into part of screen to emphasize / highlight during a "how to"?

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In "Project 1", Axel Wilkinson is doing demos of various aspects of HitFilm. When he is showing off the project video properties ( media importer, the screen does a pan and zoom in to emphasize things, and then does a pan / zoom out back to the main interface. How is that done within HitFilm?



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    quick and simple way would be to use the SCALE with keyframes. Move the position point of the video or image to are scaling to the middle of the area you want to scale into then scale away. Then using the keyframe simply have it scale in and out as needed.

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    Are the transitions used in the first 45 secons of this video available for download?

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    This thread has a bunch of transitions that provided in template form. This can save some time and/or be illustrative about how you create such things.


    To be blunt, things like that are things you do/create when editing video beyond the simple transitions. Sure, there are some third party effects libraries that might have some transitions that look like some of those items. They will cost a pretty penny, and Express does not support plug-ins anyway so the point is moot.

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