first attempt experiment at mixing live action with projection.

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An experiment....not perfect, but establishes the principle.

I took an old photo of my old school, Clifton (circa 1914), then i deconstructed it and created the college how I know it looked when it was first built, and built a 3D scene. (see original photo and video result attached). Both versions are in the video.

Then I added live action, which i captured from a random village cricket match from YouTube, and created some fitting film damage, Sky replacement and background environment made.

The combined the set extension and the live footage, and created a 3d camera move.

There is  a masking issue with the live action in the background, and one of the cricketers appears to 'float' slightly , even though the others seem quite well anchored.


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    I think it serves its purpose really well. Others have a better eye than me but I would have needed to watch this a dozen time to see the floaty cricketer. 
    I guess that black thing is the masking issue which *is* noticeable and the need for capital letters (which isn't normally my thing but didn't look right).


  • Nice. I'm going to attempt a similar effect myself. Thank You for sharing

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    @JeffBeresford That is a really good test!   As you said, you have a couple of players floating.  If you are gonzo, you could isolate those guys and track them back into place.

    The other issue I see with marrying the disparate footage is that the players look a little "thin" or ghostly.  You might want to add a little more contrast to them to make them more match the lighting of the background.

    But good test all around.  I bet you  learned a thing or two with this project.

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    Are all the cricketeers from the same video clip and on a single layer? If so, well, the footage of the cricketeers has its own depth, with people closer and farther from the camera, but the video itself, even if in 3D space, would be a flat plane. 

    So, unless the field of view (lens) matches between the photos and video layers and the camera's relative angles of view match between plates, someone will drift--which is what we see.

    I recommend duplicating the video clip once for each "plane" of cricketer movement (the batter and the man behind him are one plane, the bowler a second, and the two men on the left are each a plane), roughly mask (with feather) around each selected person, then shift the anchor point for each layer to line up with the bottoms of feet. This will let you reposition each person in 3D space to lock their feet to the projected floor plane. Yes, it's adding more steps, but, really, shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to do.

    Then your cricketeers will be as solidly locked to the ground as the rest of the set extension. 

    The projection looks fantastic. Very natural looking. 

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    Thanks. I'll look at my cricketers again. I keep learning new stuff all the time - its great when things start to click, especially when you approach them with an initial trepidation, and then feel smug and say to yourself "Is that all it is? What's all the fuss about?" lol.... it makes up for the times when  you struggle, and start blaming the software, the computer, the weather, your parents........


    Doh! Of course - what a ninny I am about the perspective difference of the 2D clip and the 3D set. Great solution, too, thanks. I forgot all about anchors, too!!

    I was happy with the projection itself. I love the idea of taking old photos and turning them into 'vintage' movies - especially of places you know, it really makes you 'see' familiar locations differently.

    I appreciate the help and encouragement I get on this forum.

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    Projection is a great tool. :) 

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