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Hello all,
I am using project settings set at 1440 x 1080 HDV which uses a Pixel Aspect Ratio of 1.33 for the anamorphic stretch.
Today i loaded up a clip and made it into a new composition. Adding a new 'Plane' layer gives me an option box which allows me to set 1.33 for the PAR, if i add a 'Grade' layer to the comp there is no option for this and the layer appears in my comp at full height but only standard width ie it gives me a 4:3 aspect grade layer. I have searched everywhere to be able to change the PAR but i can find anything.


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    Since grade layers don't actually contain pixels, it doesn't quite work that way. For a grade layer, in either 2D or 3D, there will be a bounding box around the edge of the grade3 layer on the Viewer. You can grab the corners and drag, to adjust the size to cover any portion of the frame you would like.
  • pscamm
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    Hi Axel,
    Thanks for the info, that worked.
    Loaded up the test file 'Witch.MP4' which is a 'widescreen aspect ratio' like my 1440 x 1080 once the Pixel's have been stretched to 1.33. Dropping a Grade layer onto the Witch clip fills the whole frame completely and correctly unlike my clip(s) where the difference is non square pixels.
    Although you have sorted me out Axel i feel this manual resize of the grade layer should not be required. May i ask if you guy's & gals would be willing to add this issue to the 'Things to do' list ?
    If Hitfilm could check if there is a 'non-square pixel' situation and to auto resize the grade layer on creation to fill the frame as it does on the Witch clip this will be one less question new Hitfilm users will be bugging you about if they happen to use HDV or other non-square pixel formats.
    Obviously you all have much more important fish to fry right now so i wont be bugging you for a speedy resolution, but, I wont forget LMAO
    By the way, your all doing a fab job, it's coming together nicely, very impressed so far.
    Many Regards
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Hi Paul,
    For sure, we will absolutely take a look at this. As you say, since it is easily remedied, and there will always be the option to resize a grade layer to only affect part of the scene if you want to, it won't be high priority. But it would be nice if non-square pixels were automatically taken into account.
    Thanks, glad to hear you are liking the software. We are all quite happy with how it is coming along, and quite proud of all the effort each one of the guys on the team has put into it. We have also received quite a lot of very useful feedback from all of you in the community, so please keep it coming.
  • pscamm
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    edited July 2011
    Lower priority is fine by me. :D
    Just wish i had a bit more time to play, things a little tough at the mo :(
    And, you 'should' all be proud of yourselves, all of you, from you who had the origonal concept to you who made it into a reality, and best of all, just because you are all so responsive to your customers, that is very rare these days so never loose that, that is what makes you all........FXHOME.

    LOL consider this thread closed with ultimate respect Axel
    Thanks a mill
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