How do I Record camera movement?

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I have followed this tutorial on Youtube:

But how do you record the camera movement,

Help and advice much appreciated,



  • dplester
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    If I understand your question..., you record the camera movement by using key frames:

    at 6:50 in that tutorial, he says "now put the camera back to the starting point and add a position key frame at frame zero" (clicking the little O turns key framing on)  Then when you "jump to the end of the timeline" and move the camera to a different position, hitfilm will record that new position as a key frame, and then it will calculate the position of the camera for each frame in between, creating a camera movement from the first key frame's position, and ending at the last key frame's position.

  • nictu
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    Thanks very much dplester, I must be blind to have missed this !!



  • dplester
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    @nictu No worries!! There's so much great information in these tutorials that I often miss a small (but key) point like this which glues it all together :)

    If you haven't already, check out Hitfilm University's YouTube channel:  Hitfilm University YouTube

    HitFilm is so powerful - don't expect to pick it all up in one sitting ;-)