should I jump on Hitfilm Express wagon?

Hi, I'm new here and actually I've found Hitfilm by total accident. I was looking months ago a software to make my travel video from a trip two years ago - I had around 4 hours of footage. I once was using Final Cut Express but since I don't have a Mac I though that maybe I'd go with Blender (I was using it for 3D stuff so I'm pretty familiar with it). Then Davinci Resolve appeared on my horizon and I was blown away by it - professional software with free version? This is too good to be true. But it turned out there weren't any hidden tricks and software is great. Sure - it didn't have many features but for what I needed (good coloring options, LUTs and easy editing) it was great. Only one thing I needed from pro version which I really wanted to use was fish eye removal as I also shoot with Gopro. And it turned out that Hitfilm has the fish eye removal as well it looks like it is really meant for amateurs like me. But then again - I wen't through the process of learning Davinci so I'm fairly comfortable with it now and I'm asking myself if trying Hitfilm is a good thing? I mean - it looks like a lot of advanced features Resolve has for free I'd have to pay around 100 euro in total to get in additional packages (although maybe 50 is more realistic as I don't need all of it). So - are there any users that asked themselves similar question or maybe someone could help me decide? I'm planning to make one clip with Hitfilm just to test it out and decide for myself but I'd gladly read any opinions on that. 


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    Choice of editor is a certain amount of "it depends." I do a lot of VFX/Animation, so Hitfilm is a great choice for me.

    I've used Resolve, and it's a smooth, solid editor, with the best color tools of any NLE (logical as it began as a color correction tool), where Hitfilm has the most advanced VFX tools for an NLE (logical, as it's developed from dedicated VFX software). 

    One thing I'll note is you don't have to be either/or between Resolve and Hitfilm. Both can import/export ProRes (Mac) or Cineform (Win). ProRes and Cineform are designed to do what I'm about to suggest--render high quality files to transfer between programs. 

    You could, for example, bring your clips into Hitfilm, apply GoPro correction, batch render and import to Resolve to edit if you're comfortable there. You could undistort and edit in Hitfilm, then transfer to Resolve to color correct. 

    Many users (including me) bounce between different software, depending on the need. Hitfilm and Resolve both have free versions, so, go ahead and try Hitfilm. Really, you can't lose. Both are excellent programs. 

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    Thank you for your reply - that helped. I was thinking about doing something like this (ie - creating one video layer which I'd later correct in Hitfilm. But my concern was the lossless translation as I'm more familiar with audio editing I did not knew which one works for that in video.  Also batch export of single clips from Hitfilm is a good idea! I will dig deeper into that idea.



    Ok - is there a way to batch import/export clips?

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    Batch import: drag and drop any number of files from your file browser into HitFilm, or multi-select files in the file selector.

    Batch export: this only works within a single project, but you can queue up different timelines (main editor, composite shots) to export, then kick off the export for all of them at once.  More info here:


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    This community is super supportive. The staff is amazing and not robots. The mod's are not power abusers on the forum, and it's an amazing piece of software that you will be getting entirely for free (while FXHome pays licensing fees).

    What more do you need?!!

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    @jacekbrzezowski If the free version of Resolve supports OpenFX plugins (I can't remember on top of my head), you can install Ignite Express for free and use the "Action Cam Lens Distort" effect to remove the distortion directly inside Resolve. This may be easier than having to export every video just to apply one distortion effect.

    Of course since everything is free, nothing is preventing you from installing HitFilm Express as well and giving that a go. You can then use either HitFilm or Resolve (or both) depending on what you want to do and what you prefer.

    Ignite is a collection of effects that all exist in HitFilm that have been converted to use in other software like Resolve, After Effects, Final Cut, etc. If you only use HitFilm, you don't need Ignite. If you only use Resolve and want our effects, you need Ignite but not HitFilm. If you use both Resolve and HitFilm then you'll need both Ignite and HitFilm.

    Hopefully this makes sense :)

    Welcome to the HitFilm community!