Auto Printing at an event.

Hello, Im new here so please excuse me if this was already answered or if it is a really basic question :).
I just got PhotoKey 6 Pro because I have a client that wants this option:
they want me to be able to take a Green Screen photo with their custom background and instantly print the photos once it is taken... and has to be a fast process.
I know that PhotoKey 6 Pro will do a batch of the photos, but is there a way to take the photo, PK6 removes and adds the background and then prints automatically? I need to be able to get through a LONG line with out having to keep going to the computer and pressing print.
Thanks for your help.


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    This forum is primarily for the HitFilm product, however, here's a link to some PhotoKey tutorials and a link to a FAQ
    I don't use PhotoKey, but one of the tutorials is called "Efficient event photography with PhotoKey 5 Pro's auto export".  Maybe that will answer your question?
    If not, maybe someone else here can, or on the link above, there is a "Ask out team" button.
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    I've replied on your facebook post as well John, just so you're covered everywhere :)
    In PhotoKey we don’t have batch printing functionality, but you can use 3rd party utilities to batch print from a folder. Therefore if you set PhotoKey to auto-export to a specific folder, you can then have the images that appear in that folder automatically print as well.
    I would say just be wary of immediately printing out images. It can work brilliantly - due to PhotoKey's automatic greenscreen removal - but sometimes images will require just a little bit of extra keying or spill suppression to make the image look seamlessly 'realistic', without green left over and to ensure that the lighting is similar for both your background and foreground.
    Be sure with the set up you have, that you avoid colours similar to green to reduce the need for further action beyond greenscreen removal - and that your greenscreen is evenly lit. 
    Of course, you may have it set up so that you are editing the images as you go, but if it is simply a cut and paste scenario then be a little more careful. 
    You said that this is because of a client's needs and so obviously you need to do what they want, but perhaps they need to know the potential drawbacks of automatically printing an image without necessarily tampering with it in between slapping the background and foreground on it?
    Just a thought. 
    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks so much for the info :)
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    No problem. Good luck with your photoshoot  :D