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A short I made. 

No crew, or fancy gear, or budget of any kind. And it turned out ok, thanks to Hitfilm (as frustrating as it is to work with sometimes). 

Shot with the T5. All sound was done with my iPhone wrapped in a sweatshirt. 

I managed to pull off a neat little effect at the end (baby steps). 


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    Lots of nice work here. Well shot, well cut, music fits nicely, and there a great mood of tension throughout the entire short. I'm a little unclear as to WHY the action unfolds as it does (but have two theories), so this feels to me more like the end scene of a longer film than a complete story, but I was engrossed in the action the entire time. 

    Excellent work! 

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    As much as I would love to claim some profound plot or story line, the truth is that I just felt like making something and I had never really done anything like it before. And I have no actor or film friends in the area. So it was just me. 

    A few friends have speculated 

    A young adult on the wrong path, a gangland hit, a pissed off land owner, suicide. And, according to a smart ass brother in the firehouse, a disgruntled gay lover WTF. 

    Artsy nonsense. Just a guy getting whacked. I just wanted to make it interesting. And most importantly, it was a great opportunity for me to apply tips and techniques that I’ve learned about framing, composition, editing, sound, etc...guerrilla style. Every single sound except for the music and obvious effects was recorded on my phone and layered in post. 

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    Well then, I double down on the excellent work! I'm sure it's a lot of fun to have people guessing at a larger plot when there isn't one. :D

    For the record my guesses sum up as "double-cross" or "no witnesses/loose ends."

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    This was great! I wanted more and I’d love to see what you could pull off with a crew behind you. Pacing was spot on. Minor point, the sky conditions changed between the last few scenes, but as you did this alone, understandable why it happened. It was so well done, I didn’t mind not knowing the plot, I was engaged throughout. Your acting was realistic.

    please post more!

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    You had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Job well done! 


  • Yeah you can definitely see changes in light. The clouds were in and out all day. Rained the entire morning so I didn’t start filming until noonish. 

    Did the exterior stuff first. Then did the interior shots...had to move to entirely different location because the sun was blasting right through the windshield. 

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    +1 to all the positive comments above.  For something that's not part of a larger story, it definitely feels like it is (or could be).  Really well done all around!