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if you had a choice between a tascam dr10l or a ebay, used sennheiser g2, which would you choose?



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    Well the Tascam is actually a recorder while the Sennheiser is a wireless mic requiring an additional way to record. It's also an older mic introduced prior to the FCC banning wireless mics from using certain frequency ranges so you have to be careful buying one and make sure it's actually legal to operate especially if you're in the US.

    G2 Frequency Ranges:

    • Range A: 518-554 Mhz - Still usable in the US but you'll be competing with local UHF TV stations. Not usable in the UK without a site license.
    • Range B: 626-662 Mhz - Technically still usable for the moment as long as they do not cause harmful interference to any licensed operations in the 600 Mhz band. The final date a G2 wireless mic can operate in this band legally in the US is July 13, 2020. After that date, some wireless mics can still operate in parts of this band but their broadcast power must be limited to 20 mw and a G2 blows past that @ 50 mw. 
    • Range C: 740-746 Mhz - Completely banned as of June 12, 2010
    • Range D: 786-822 Mhz - Basically banned as of June 12, 2020 as well. In the US it's technically still legal to use part of that range, but it's illegal to operate a device that can operate in the 786-805 range even if you don't utilize that ability. 
    • Range E: 830-865 Mhz: Banned as well. This was re-purposed for Public Safety use. 

    All in all I'd avoid the G2 completely and if you'd really rather have a wireless mic over the Tascam recorder then start looking for a much more recent mic.

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    Cool. Thanks. Sync sound would be a little harder since I have hfp 4, but yeah. I live in a very densely populated area. Thanks!!!!