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Hi All,

I've just added a gun shot to a clip and some sparks. I've tweaked colours and scaling/position but I'm not happy with it and not sure exactly what to do next with it, so I was hoping for some advice from the talented people I have seen on here. 


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    No talent here but from a viewer perspective. I'm okay with the flash. I would drop it's opacity and maybe dirty the color some (more black, less bright and pure).

    The sparks I think really need to be less bright. Dirtier color and lower opacity.

    Are you using Express. For the muzzle flash a fire explosion, Quick 3D, could be used for the head on muzzle flash in this shot and it will look dirtier and have some opacity. Indexing to a single frame from first explosion could/should suffice. Maybe two frames.

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    The thing that jumps out to me the most is that there's no environmental lighting. You've got two light sources: a muzzle flash and sparks, and the wall/actors have no indication that they're being lit up.

    Add a white Plane and mask around the areas where the muzzle flash and sparks are. Feather the mask, and set the Blend to Add or Screen.

    Firing at a wall would also cause smoke and debris- it would at least leave a hole. Basically the whole shot needs more elements- you've used just the flash and sparks, but many other things should be happening.

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    To build off what Inscape writes, the actual sparks are too large. That's one of the inbuilt particle effects, so look for a scale properly in the effect. 

    Norman had interesting suggestions, although a bright muzzle flash in a dark environment might not show "dirty." Neat suggestion for "Fire Explosion," however. 

    I like your set location, your lighting and camera move. Always helps when everything around your VFX  looks really good. 

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    NormanPCNinScapeDigital Thanks for the feedback, makes total sense now you've both mentioned those things. Still a beginner in Hitfilm (despite having it since 2 Ultimate- really need to use it more) and my mind went totally blank. I'm using Pro but just using the Spark and Gun shot effect.

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    @Triem23 Thanks for the feedback. I did mess with the scaling but obviously needs more work, i'll refine it. With regards to location its our first time using what I would consider a proper location (Storage centre). We've usually shot in houses before (ours or our friends), so nice to get out there. Glad you liked the lighting and camera move (first time using a gimbal aswell : - )

    I'm on holiday now, so will be a while before I repost any results but will definitely post them when I'm done. Thanks again for all the feedback.

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    Hello all, I'm back to working on this film after finally getting the last scene finished.. been hard to get 2 people together... Anyway I have 2 questions

    1. Can I use the assets that the Hitfilm guys put out in their tutorials? I've used parts the hologram map from Rebellion in my film as it suited what I need for a short sequence and couldn't find anything else suitable. I was sure I'd read you could but wanted to make sure.

    2. Does anyone know where I can get a sound effect like the one the used for this map in Rebellion when it first launches.. I can't find anything suitable.. I'm on epidemic music but haven't been able to find anything on their, plus I'm not sure what to search for, tried hologram and power up but nothing sounds right. Any ideas?

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    Hey all, can anyone answer the above. I have more than one scene with a hologram and still struggling to find a sound effect that works

  • FilmSensei
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    @Marshall2000_uk I would check out ProductionCrate sound effects...

    Under the "SFX and Music" tab, look for "SciFi."  I would start with "Charge Ups + Downs" and go from there.

    You can always take a sound and adjust the pitch and duration to get exactly what you are looking for.

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    Thanks @FilmSensei, funny enough I was on there the other day but never looked at the sound effects... Doh!

    Big fan our your videos btw, keep up the great work