Drawing effect in Bruno Mars - That’s what I like

there is a bunch of people that’s uses this effect in their own video but I could only find tutorials for adobe. Does anyone know how to do it on hitfilm?



  • Decades ago, Wham!'s  "Take On Me" was done with a mix of live action and hand drawn animation. They used Fractal Designs (now owned by Corel) Painter and layered the live action footage under onion skin layers to hand draw, frame by frame all the art.

    You can still do that with Painter, and probably Photoshop now, maybe others. I don't know HitFilm enough to even know if you can do it within HitFilm but that is how you would do it outside of it. Do you edit, export to a reference file, create your animation frame by frame on a transparent background/alpha channel, then import that into HitFilm and composite the two together and render. 


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    @brucesearlcom  I think that there is a cartoon-type filter that you could use to recreate the effect in Hitfilm .  And, for the record, Take On Me was by the group a-ha not Wham

  • Wham-Bam! Your right! Sorry! A-Ha was better anyway I think! ;-)
    Yeah, there are cartoon filters but they didn't look as cool as the painter program created... it took a lot more time but it was really cool.