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Anyone know how to do the text movement effect so seamlessly in the song "Closer"?

I'm not sure if its manually key framed, but if it is can some one show me how is it done so seamlessly? 


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    That's not animation. They wrote on a whiteboard with a marker and actually moved a camera over it while listening to the song.

    For one thing, if it was a computer-generated font all the letters, "E" (for example) would be identical. They're not. Either someone spent too much time stitching together multiple handwriting fonts

    Also, in a few shots you can see some glitches in the keying, and in a couple you see the edge of the whiteboard.

    So, how to do what they did.

    1) Write stuff on a Whiteboard with a black marker.

    2) Film text

    3)Import footage

    4) Invert footage so white text on a black background.

    5) Contrast Adjustment to push the text whiter and the whiteboard blacker (this could have been done before the invert as well).

    6) Apply Demultiply effect to remove the black background to the text.

    7) Drop text video in a layer or track over the footage.

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    Wow, well explained, @Triem23

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