[Resolved] Error Code 41 can anyone help?

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Hi I have a problem when I launch HF Express i receive the following error message:

"There was a problem starting the Quicktime helper process, Error Code 41 As a result you will not be able to import QuickTime movie files. Please reinstall the application to fix this problem.  I have reinstalled both Quicktime and HF Express and the problem still persists."

HF Express opens just fine but i am unable to use .mov files as indicated above.

I now also have the problem with my old version of HF Ultimate which used to work just fine.  Can anyone please help?


  • CedricBonnier
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    @HitFilmer213312 It looks like your QuickTime installation has corrupted. Could you please uninstall QuickTime completely, download it again from Apple's website, install it and then restart your computer?

  • Thanks for coming back to me.  Ok so i uninstalled Quicktime completely, reinstalled Quicktime 7.7.9 from the Apple website then restarted my computer but unfortunately i get the exact same error message.

    Hitfilm opens but when i drag a .mov onto the editor it shows up in the media area with an error ! and says install quicktime.  MP4s show up fine in the media area.

    When i click on the Quicktime Icon now i get another error message saying install apple application support.


  • Ok i managed to solve it by uninstalling itunes and all related elements.  The apple application support file for itunes seemed to be the issue.

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